Sioux Falls Arena

Sioux Falls, SD 04/01/00

The Songs

Roving Gambler; My Back Pages; Masters Of War; This World Can't Stand Long; Tangled Up In Blue; Gates Of Eden; Country Pie; Tell Me That It Isn't True; All Along The Watchtower; Watching The River Flow; Make You Feel My Love; Highway 61 Revisited; Love Sick; Like A Rolling Stone; It Ain't Me, Babe; Not Fade Away; Blowin' In The Wind; Rainy Day Women #12 & #35

The Library has two audience recordings.
The first is rather hot, compromised by excessively high recording levels and consequent distortion. Mike, the taper, wrote: "I tried to get cute with a very small mic that turned out to give terrible sound quality on the low end." Mike also confided: "I tried to clean it up as best I could." Still a very rough listen and certainly not for the timid. Thanks, Mike! Dubbed 05/08/00. 110 min. Request 0004011.
The second is a superb stereo recording, with which I can find no fault. Though Mike, who provided the recording above (0004011), wrote prior to sending along the source CD-Rs: "I will be sending a soundboard recording of the 4-1-00 Sioux Falls, SD show. After you get it, you can take the earlier one that I recorded myself and sent to you and TOSS it. ... ," there's no question in my mind that this is an audience recording. Thanks, Mike! Dubbed 02/09/01. 110 min. Request 0004012.

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