Sandstone Amphitheatre

Bonner Springs, KS 07/07/00

The Songs

Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie; To Ramona; Desolation Row; Mama, You Been On My Mind; Tangled Up In Blue; Searching For A Soldier's Grave; Country Pie; If Not For You; Seeing The Real You At Last; Born In Time; Drifter's Escape; Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat; Things Have Changed; Like A Rolling Stone; My Back Pages; Highway 61 Revisited; Blowin' In The Wind

The Library has two very good stereo audience recordings.
The first suffers from a smattering of dropouts and the occasional bumped microphone. The dropouts (closed on Library Masters and barely discernible) occur very near the end of Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat. Mike, who recorded the performance using a Sony MiniDisc recorder with Sony ECM-MS907 stereo microphones, explained: "I was bumped at the end of LSPBH, that's why there are skips." Otherwise, clean, complete, crisp, and problem free. Thanks, Mike! Dubbed 07/18/00. 100 min. Request 0007071.
The second is compromised only by some occasionally obtrusive audience chatter. Alon, wrote: "These shows were taped on a Sony D-7 DAT recorder using Sonic microphones. ... Bonner Springs was taped from the floor and seems to be problem free." Clean, complete, crisp, and problem free. Thanks, Alon! Dubbed 02/06/01. 110 min. Request 0007072.

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