Merriweather Post Pavilion

Columbia, MD 07/29/00

The Songs

Duncan And Brady; To Ramona; Desolation Row; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue; Tangled Up In Blue; Searching For A Soldier's Grave; Watching The River Flow; Every Grain Of Sand; Maggie's Farm; Dignity; Cold Irons Bound; Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat; Things Have Changed; Like A Rolling Stone; It Ain't Me, Babe; Highway 61 Revisited; Blowin' In The Wind

The Library has two audience recordings.
The first is a pretty good monaural recording, compromised by a bit of wow and flutter and an unusual amount of audience chatter and revelry. Though not too off putting during most of the recording, the lyrics are very nearly buried beneath the din during It Ain't Me, Babe. As Keith, the taper, remarks after Blowin' In The Wind: "The crowd was a little boisterous tonight, Simon." Gremlins apparently sabotaged the sound system during the first verse of Desolation Row. The sound system crashes just after "they're painting the passports brown," but the problem is quickly resolved and the sound returns with "they've got him in a trance." The Master tape, which Keith kindly provided, runs a tad fast (the recording speed was about 4.2% too slow) but Library Masters have been speed corrected. Otherwise, clean, complete, and problem free. Thanks, Keith! Dubbed 08/08/00. 1 x 60 min. and 1 x 90 min. Request 0007291.
The second is a very good stereo recording. Levels are a tad low at the outset but stabilize when the sound system recovers during the first verse of Desolation Row. Alon, the taper, wrote: 'Taped further back but in the dead centre of the venue. There is a 3 second gap between "Duncan And Brady" and "To Ramona". This was because I replaced the battery on the microphones because I wasn't getting a high enough level (it made no difference). I also edited out 10 seconds between "Searching For A Soldier's Grave" and "Watching The River Flow" so the show would all fit on a c110. There was no music edited out.' Otherwise, clean, complete, and problem free. Thanks, Alon! Dubbed 12/06/00. 1 x 60 min. and 1 x 90 min. Request 0007292.

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