Halle Munsterland

Munster, Germany 10/01/00

The Songs

Duncan And Brady; John Brown; Visions Of Johanna; One Too Many Mornings; Tangled Up In Blue; Searching For A Soldier's Grave; Country Pie; Standing In The Doorway; All Along The Watchtower; Dignity; Just Like A Woman; Drifter's Escape; Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat; Love Sick; Like A Rolling Stone; If Dogs Run Free; Things Have Changed; I Shall Be Released; Highway 61 Revisited; Blowin' In The Wind

A very good stereo audience recording. It is evident, however, that the Library's source tape has been around the block a few times. The source tape suffers from the occasional snap, crackle, and pop (diginoise); a fair bit of tape hiss; and brief (typically 25 milliseconds) gaps between songs (tracks). The source tape also runs a tad slow. The gaps have been closed and, where feasible, the diginoise has been removed on Library Masters. Diginoise of such duration that removal would have been evident has been mitigated by lowering the levels of the affected areas by 3db or, when possible, replacing the affected area with the information from the opposing, unaffected, channel. Library Masters have also been speed corrected (+ 6%). The resulting Masters are clean, complete, and problem free. Thanks, Benjamin! Dubbed 01/10/01. 1 x 60 min. and 1 x 90 min. Request 0010011.

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