Gerde's Folk City

New York, NYt 09/29/61

The Songs

Ranger's Command, San Francisco Bay Blues, The Great Divide

Mono PA recording. I don't believe Ranger's Command belongs here. A close listen leads one to suspect it doesn't originate from the same recording as San Francisco Bay Blues and The Great Divide. My suspicion is that it is Cynthia Gooding's voice at the end of the set and that this is likely attributable to Dylan's performance on Cynthia Gooding's New York radio show on WBAI in October of the following year (1962). In spite of that, I have included it here as the trader from whom I obtained the tape attributed it to this venue, as does Bjorner. A bit of a hum, but quite listenable. Dubbed 08/14/96 60 min. Side A only

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