First MacKenzie Tape

Taped at Eve and Mac MacKenzie's Home 11/23/61 & 12/04/61

The Songs

11/23/61 - Hard Times In New York Town, Wayfaring Stranger, A Long Time Man Feel Bad, Lonesome Whistle Blues, Worried Blues, Baby Of Mine, Instrumental, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Fixin' To Die, San Francisco Bay Blues, You're No Good, House Of The Risin' Sun, Instrumental, This Land Is Your Land
12/04/61 - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Bells Of Rhymney, Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies, Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms, Bells Of Rhymney, Instrumental, Instrumental, Highway 51, This Land Is Your Land

Poor amateur mono recording with plenty of hiss and background noise. It's evident that the tape the Makenzies used had previously been recorded as traces of the previous recording can still be heard. Quite a few clipped sets. Definitely not for the timid. Had Clinton Heylin not neglected this "session" he would certainly have reserved "acts of sacrilege in song" for this one rather than waste such prose on the 05/01/70 session with George Harrison.
Dubbed from tape 06/09/96. 60 min.

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