The Finjan Club

Montreal, PQ, Canada 07/02/62

The Songs

The Death Of Emmit Till; Stealin'; Hiram Hubbard; Blowin In The Wind; Rocks And Gravel; Quit Your Lowdown Ways; He Was A Friend Of Mine; Let Me Die In My Footsteps; Two Trains Runnin'; Ramblin On My Mind, Blues Yodel No 8 (Muleskinner Blues)
A very good PA recording. A rough edit falls between Stealin' and Hiram Hubbard and there's a two second dropout at the outset of Ramblin' on my Mind. This recording also circulates with Hiram Hubbard as the first song and The Death of Emmit Till and Stealin' following Blues Yodel No 8. Taken from the CD "Live, Finjan Club, Montreal, Canada, July 2, 1962 / Bob Dylan" (Yellow Dog YD 010). Thanks, Bernie! Dubbed 03/17/00. 60 min. Request 6207021

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