Second and Third Gaslight Tapes

Gaslight Cafe ??

New York, NY ?? 10/??/62

The Songs

Motherless Children; Handsome Molly; John Brown; Ballad Of Hollis Brown; Kind-Hearted Woman Blues; See That My Grave Is Kept Clean; Ain't No More Cane On The Brazos; Cocaine; The Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird; Going Down To West Texas; A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall; Don't Think Twice, It's All Right; Black Cross; No More Auction Block; Solid Road (Rocks And Gravel); Barbara Allen; Moonshiner

On reviewing the previous listing of these recordings, a Library supporter, who has asked to remain anonymous, wrote: "Sorry, simon. The Krogsgaard discography would show you that the widely known Gaslight bootleg put 2 different tapes together. (The tapes came without dates and any disk or list that has specific dates is just a fantasy.)" He then provided a set list for each of the tapes and generously offered the Library "... a top quality dub of the complete "3rd" tape, ...," which I accepted. On listening to the CD-R sent, I felt compelled to redo the Library's Masters, following the order set forth in the set lists and incorporating his recording. The second tape, taken from the CD "Bob Dylan - Rare Live Performances Of The Sixties", Vol. I (Magic Music 31008) and Vol. II (Magic Music 31009), consists of Motherless Children through Going Down To West Texas. The third tape begins with A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall and ends with Moonshiner. It's interesting to note that both tapes consist of edited line recordings, none of which are continuous. Some sport fade in and fade out. Others begin and end abruptly. In listening to the recordings and comparing the characteristics of individual WAV files, it seems apparent to me that both tapes were compiled from several sources. Should you be able to provide additional insight into the circumstances of these recordings, please share it. I'm certain it would be of interest to others and I'll include any information received (and acknowledge the contributor unless otherwise instructed) in this listing. Dubbed 07/03/00. 90 min. Request 6210002.

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