Bob Fass Show


New York, NY 03/??/63

The Songs

In My Time Of Dyin'; Oxford Town; Corrina, Corrina; I Shall Be Free; Down The Highway; Talkin' New York

Mono radio broadcast. Skits, parodies, and more. A bit rough at times, but a most interesting recording! Expect the occasional dropout and some fluctuation in volume and tonal quality. It appears that WBAI may have been experiencing some hardware problems during the broadcast. In intermittent hum (faulty ground, perhaps?) has been digitally removed on Library Masters. I've made no attempt to identify the non Dylan material and will leave that to others. Paul Lyman, who kindly lent the tape, wrote: "There is no new musical performance from Dylan on this tape besides his playing of his acetate [of the then unreleased Freewheelin] on the air, but there is a lot of silly chatter between Dylan & [Suze] Rotolo, and I don't know of another sound recording of Miss Rotolo in existence, certainly none interacting with Bob." Thanks for the loan, Paul. Dubbed 05/21/00. 60 min. Request 6303001.

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