Arie Crown Theatre

Chicago, IL 11/26/65

The Songs

Tombstone Blues, I Don't Believe You, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Ballad Of A Thin Man

A pretty good, though incomplete, audience recording. Expect occasional distortion and/or dropouts, throughout. The last half of I Don't Believe You is clipped, as are the first and last two or three seconds of Baby, Let Me Follow You Down, and Ballad Of A Thin Man. A further distraction is the running commentary provided by the taper ("Bob's tuning up with the orchestra right now. ... He's playing electric guitar. ... Bob's playing with one of the guitar players. ... Bob's playing this for Betty. ... "). Only after the first verse of Baby, Let Me Follow You Down is the listener spared the insightful reportage. Further, it should come as no surprise when our taper breaks into song during the first verse of Tombstone Blues. Mercifully, he runs out of steam (or doesn't know the words?) thereafter. Dubbed 02/07/97. One side only. 60 min.

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