Unknown Denver Hotel

Denver CO 03/13/66

The Songs

Positively Van Gogh; Don't Tell Him; If You Want My Love; Just Like A Woman; Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands

A rather uneven mono recording, taped at three o'clock in the morning by Robert Shelton in an unknown Denver hotel room. I previously suggested that the recording was made surreptitiously and that it was very probably incomplete, citing three obvious edits (about six minutes into the recording, between stabs at Positively Van Gogh; at about twelve and a half minutes, between Positively Van Gogh and Don't Tell Him; and at about twenty-one and three quarter minutes, between If You Want My Love and Just Like A Woman). Gil Walker III responded and offers the following: "The way I've heard the events of the evening, Shelton's taping was authorized by Dylan -- there's a long interview taped during the plane ride the day before, which unfortunately hasn't come into circulation (although it was auctioned off by Shelton's estate). The tape is supposedly "complete" to the extent that all of the music on the original is probably included; as Heylin (I think) tells the story, Shelton was running out of blank tape for his reel-to-reel, and the edits were to get as much music on as possible -- and, at one point, Shelton supposedly stopped taping to change speeds on his tape recorder, accounting for a loss of sound quality on the latter part of the tape." Dubbed 08/12/00. 60 min. Request 6603131.

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