Sydney Stadium

Sydney, NSW, Australia 04/13/66

The Songs

She Belongs To Me; 4th Time Around; Visions Of Johanna; It's All Over Now Baby Blue; Desolation Row; Just Like A Woman; Mr. Tambourine Man; Tell Me Momma; I Don't Believe You; Baby Let Me Follow You Down; Just Like Tom Thumb's Blue; Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat; One Too Many Mornings; Ballad Of A Thin Man; Positively 4th Street

A rather rough and incomplete PA recording, compromised by a of hiss and sundry glitches. The recording gets off to a rather ragged start well into She Belongs To Me. There's a good deal of distortion (particularly when words containing the letters B, C, K, P, S, and T, are enunciated directly into the microphone) throughout. There are two trivial dropouts (closed on the Library Masters) during Desolation Row. Thanks, Bob! Dubbed 01/17/00. 100 min. Request 6604131.

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