DeMontfort Hall

Leicester, England 05/15/66

The Songs

She Belongs To Me, 4th Time Around, Visions Of Johanna, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Desolation Row, Just Like A Woman, Love Minus Zero - No Limit, Mr. Tambourine Man, Tell Me Momma, I Don't Believe You, Baby Let Me Follow You Down, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

A fair audience recording for the period. A little rough at the outset, but it settles down quickly. There's a 20 second, or so, fadeout near the end of the third verse of It's All Over Now Baby Blue, The volume returns to normal during the harmonica solo, well before the beginning of verse four. There is some distortion towards the end of Desolation Row as the recorder's battery dies. The tape picks up again well into Just Like A Woman. The electric sets (from Tell Me, Mama onwards) are rather harsh and a bit bassy. The end of Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues is clipped. Dubbed 12/19/96. 90 min.

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