Providence Civic Center 11/04/75 (evening show)

Trader's (GW0640) Notes

1A. Good Love Is Hard To Find (Guam)
2A. Invocation
3A. I Love My Music (Guam)
4A. Trucker's Dreams (Guam)
5A. Don't Blame Me (Steven Soles)
6A. Werewolves Of London (T-Bone Burnett)
7A. You Don't Know Me (Cindy Bullens)
8A. Catfish (Rob Stoner)
9A. Life On Mars (Mick Ronson)
10A. Alabama Dark (Ronee Blakley/Bobby Neuwirth) [aka (They Said) Hank Williams Is Dead]
11A. Please (Ronee Blakley)

1B. Ballad Of Ramblin' Jack (Neuwirth)
2B. Me And Bobby McGee (Ramblin' Jack Elliott)
3B. Friend Of The Devil (Elliott)
4B. When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan/Neuwirth)
5B. It Ain't Me Babe (Dylan)
6B. Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Dylan)
7B. Romance In Durango (Dylan)
8B. Isis (Dylan)
9B. The Times They Are A-Changin' (Dylan/Baez)
10B. Never Let Me Go (Dylan/Baez)

1A. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Dylan/Baez)
2A. I Shall Be Released. (Dylan/Baez)
3A. Diamonds And Rust (Baez)
4A. Swing Low Sweet Chariot (Baez)
5A. Joe Hill (Baez)
6A. Love Song To A Stranger (Baez)[sometimes misattributed as "Dark Eyes"; it is not the Dylan song of that name.]
7A. Long Black Veil (Baez)
8A. Chestnut Mare (Roger McGuinn)
9A. The Night They Drove Old Dixi Down (Baez)

1B. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (Dylan)
2B. Oh Sister (Dylan)
3B. Hurricane (Dylan)
4B. One More Cup Of Coffee (Dylan)
5B. Sara (Dylan)
6B. Just Like A Woman (Dylan)
7B. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Dylan/McGuinn)
8B. This Land Is Your Land (Revue)

Notes: The original source for these tapes, a commercial bootlegger, altered the order to avoid splitting the Dylan/Baez duets over two tapes. The original order of the Dylan material has been restored; however, "Diamonds And Rust" (Baez) may belong at the end of Tape 2, Side 1, or may immediately precede "Chestnut Mare." In the absence of a definitive set list, I retained the source tape's order; it seemed thematically appropriate to have Baez's best song about Dylan immediately follow the Dylan/Baez set. In addition, a short fragment of "Diamonds And Rust" may be found on Tape 1, at the end of Side A. Apparently the first-generation copy was rerecorded, because Sides A and B were reversed; the fragment is found on my source's master tape.

The tight edits between songs were made on the first-generation copy, in order to fit the show on 2 90-minute cassettes. I believe only two songs were in any way shortened: part of the last instrumental phrase of "Diamonds And Rust" is cut off, and the opening beat of "It Ain't Me Babe" appears to be cut off (although this may be an extremely tight edit). In addition, a line or two of "Chestnut Mare" was lost for unknown reasons. In restoring the original order, I have probably added a few rough transitions, because the source edits were so tight.

Based on reports of the typical 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue show, one song by Joan Baez, and two by Jack Elliott, may be missing. I believe, however, that one or two songs from the standard Revue (non-Dylan) routine were eliminated, to make time for the "Invocation," and to provide a slot for Cindy Bullens.

I have never been able to determine the source of this tape. This sound is exceptionally clear for a 1975 audience tape, and many of the vocals are so clear that it seems impossible to believe that the source is not a SBD tape. However, several tracks have substantial audience noise, and the volume varies so much that a SBD seems less likely. My suspicion, when I originally received this tape, was that it was something of a composite tape: based on a SBD, but prepared for "Renaldo And Clara," so that the segments with relatively low volume and higher audience noise involve crowd shots from a film of the show. While Bjorner identifies two tracks in "Renaldo And Clara" as coming from this show, Dundas attributes those tracks to Cambridge, MA (11/20/75)

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