With Eric Clapton

Shangri-La Studios

Malibu, CA 03/30/76

The Songs

Spanish Is The Loving Toungue, Adelita, The Water Is Wide, When The Ship Comes In, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Idiot Wind, Idiot Wind, Idiot Wind, Big River, Sign Language, Sign Language, Sign Language

Rough studio recordings compromised by some distortion and a bit of hiss. When The Ship Comes In and When I Paint My Masterpiece are just fragments. A rather rough ride but an interesting listen, nevertheless. Dubbed 02/12/97. One side only. 60 min.

I've just (09/07/97) been informed this is incomplete. The Patron wrote:"
Hello Simon Just got around to giving the Eric Calpton 76 session a proper listen, rather than the cursory spin I was able to manage earlier, & thought I'd better point up some problems: The last song on the tape isn't Sign Language but Steppin' Out. Sign Language should be the first song on the tape, followed by Stormy Monday Blues and a 10 min instrumental - ie you have the second half of a 40 minute tape. I'll try and track down a complete version. I'm also still awaiting more 60's & 70's bits & will be in touch about them soon (I hope, quoth he of what seems occasionally infinite patience) Best Pete"

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