Municipal Auditorium

Charleston, WV 02/09/80

The Songs

Gotta Serve Somebody; I Believe In You; When You Gonna Wake Up; When He Returns; Man Gave Names To All The Animals; Precious Angel; Slow Train; Covenant Woman; Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man; Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking; Do Right To Me Baby; Solid Rock; Saving Grace; Saved; What Can I Do For You?; In The Garden; Are You Ready?; Blessed Is The Name

A pretty good, but incomplete, mono audience recording. The recording begins midway through I Believe In You (the first six songs by the backup singers and Gotta Serve Somebody are missing) and ends midway through What Can I Do For You?, with In The Garden, Are You Ready?, and Blessed Is The Name missing. The recording is stopped and restarted between Covenant Woman and Put Your Hand In The Hand Of The Man, clipping the beginning of the latter. George, who provided the source tapes for 02/08/80 and 02/09/80 wrote: "... these shows were recorded, apparently on a whim, by the owner of a local record store. From the sound, I'd say he was at least halfway or further back in the house, but i couldn't say where. He used some kind of recorder with a built-in condenser mic, and ONE tape. After the show, he left the tape sitting on a shelf in his office for three months or so, before a friend of mine who worked at the store rescued it, and allowed me to copy it. I'd never seen anything like it. He used some sort of dictating cassette, which was a C-180, 90m per side! the tape was actually so thin you could see through it! Obviously, there was no consideration of dubbing it onto a like tape, so I transfered the sides to two C-90's, whic seemed both logical as well as practical... You'll note that the sound deteriorates rapidly toward the end of the 2/9 show, which ends abruptly about 70m in. It sounds as if the batteries wore down, and the machine was no longer able to pull the massive load of tape and ground to a halt. The original master was subsequently tossed aside by my friend, who says it may be in a box somewhere, but really has no idea what became of it." Thanks, George! Dubbed 03/08/01. 90 min. Request 8002091.

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