Palace des Sports

Avignon, France 07/25/81

The Songs

Tape I - Saved, I Believe In You, Like A Rolling Stone, Till I Get It Right, Man Gave Names To All The Animals, Maggie's Farm, Girl From The North Country, Ballad Of A Thin Man, In The Summertime, Shot Of Love, Walking Around Heaven All Day, The Times They Are A-Changin', Let's Begin, Lenny Bruce, Slow Train, Solid Rock, Just Like A Woman, Saved By The Grace, Watered-Down Love, Jesus Is The One, Heart Of Mine
Tape II - When You Gonna Wake Up, Forever Young, In The Garden, Blowin' In The Wind, It Ain't Me Babe, Knockin' On Heaven's Door

A very good stereo soundboard of the last show of the European leg of the 1981 Shot Of Love tour. The 15th set (Slow Train) drops out prematurely (was this the result of the of the accident that caused the blackout and ultimately cost two lives?) and the 16th set (Mr. Tambourine Man) is missing entirely. All of which lead me to suspect that this was taken from the Moonlight 2 CD set, AVIGNON, reviewed by MO in DEEP BENEATH THE WAVES vol. 13. Carolyn Dennis does vocals on Walking Around Heaven All Day as does Willie Smith on Saved By The Grace. A very nice listen! Dubbed 10/13/96. 1 x 90 min & 1 x 60 min

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