Peace Sunday Rally

Rose Bowl

Pasadena, CA

The Songs

With God On Our Side, A Pirate Looks At Forty, Blowin' In The Wind

There are three recordings on this tape.
The first, a fair audience audio recording, is compromised by a good bit of hiss and hum. Incomplete - missing Blowin In The Wind. Dubbed 03/03/97.
The second, taken from a rather rough video, is complete, but boasts its own warts. With God On Our Side is missing a chunk of the fifth and most of the sixth verse. A Pirate Looks At Forty, gets off to a rather ragged start, and suffers from another glitch midway through and the beginning of Blowin' In The Wind is clipped. Dubbed 10/29/97. Video of the source is also available on 120 minute VHS.
The third, a good, complete, audience recording (a different source from the first). Thanks Robert! Dubbed 10/29/97. 60 min.

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