Olympia Stadion

Munchen, West Germany 06/03/84

The Songs

Tape I - Highway 61 Revisited, Jokerman, All Along The Watchtower, Just Like A Woman, Maggie's Farm, I And I, License To Kill, It Ain't Me Babe, It's Alright Ma, Don't Think Twice It's All Right, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Masters Of War, Ballad Of A Thin Man, When You Gonna Wake Up, Every Grain Of Sand, Like A Rolling Stone
Tape II - Girl From The North Country, Hattie Carroll, Blowin' In The Wind, I Shall Be Released, Tombstone Blues, Why Do I Have To Choose?, Forever Young

A nice stereo audience recording of an inspired performance, compromised by occasionally obtrusive audience chatter, some electrical noise here and there, and a few glitches. A bit hot at the outset but recording levels are under control within 30 seconds or so of the beginning of the first set. There's a very smooth, but discernible, splice during All Along The Watchtower a few seconds after "the hour is getting late." There are similar glitches during the first chorus of When You Gonna Wake Up, and another during the instrumental break of Like A Rolling Stone. The last second or two of the last set (Forever Young) is clipped. Still, not a bad listen. Carlos Santana's guitar on Blowin' In The Wind, onward. Dubbed by MF 04/??/97. 1 x 90 min. and 1 x 60 min.

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