Live Aid Rehearsal

Ron Wood's Home

New York, NY 07/12/85

The Songs

Ballad Of Hollis Brown; Little Maggie; Ballad Of Hollis Brown; Dark Eyes; When The Ship Comes In; Dark Eyes; Freight Train; Ballad Of Hollis Brown; Blowin' In The Wind; Unknown; Ballad Of Hollis Brown; Careless Ethiopians (?); Blowin' In The Wind

A little over an hour of noodling and chatter. Bjorner, reporting the surfacing of this recording in his Chronicle for 1990, includes Girl Of The North Country and Trouble amongst the songs played. Though they may be attributable to one or more of the many fragments scattered throughout the recording, I recognize neither. There is also a song of about three minutes duration that falls between Blowin' In The Wind and Ballad Of Hollis Brown that I am unable to identify. There are gaps (at 21:19, 30:38, 31:44, and 58:47 on the tape used as the source for Library Masters) in the recording that suggests that the tape may have been stopped and started or, perhaps, the original recording consists of more than one tape. The gaps have been closed on all Library Masters. Thanks, Jason! Dubbed 02/28/01. 90 min. Request 8507121.

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