Taj Mahal Concert

Palomino Club

Hollywood, CA 02/19/87

The Songs

??, Checking Up On My Baby, Hardheaded Woman Of Mine, Farther On Down The Road, You're Going To Need Somebody On Your Bond, Matchbox, Gone Gone Gone, Lucille, I'm Your Crosscut Saw, Bacon Fat, Knock On Wood, In The Midnight Hour, Honey Don't, Blue Suede Shoes, Watching The River Flow, Proud Mary, Johnny B. Goode, Willie And The Hand Jive, Hey Bo Didley, Peggy Sue, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Twist And Shout

Taken from an incomplete video recording. Expect a fair bit of hiss and the occasional glitch.
Since first posting listings for two partial audio recordings, the Library has received another partial audio recording (taken from the CD "Live! Silver Wilburys" - SWP 82-2) and two identical video recordings (Thanks, Mike and Robert!). All three audios are extensively edited and include no material not found the video. The video begins well into a blues number, with which I am not immediately familiar, and ends rather abruptly immediately after Twist And Shout. The total running time is just under two hours (roughly an hour and fifty seven minutes. To my eye, the video appears continuous and unedited.
After comparing the audio recordings with the videos, I am satisfied that they are all taken from the same (video) source. The giveaway is a simultaneous video and audio glitch about two minutes into Johnny B. Goode, which shows up on the audios as a rough edit. I'm Your Crosscut Saw and Bacon Fat also share coincidental video and audio flaws. Interestingly, Olof Bjorner, in his Chronicle for 1987, indicates that a "Mono PA recording" exists. Presumably the PA recording would not exhibit the same audio flaws. The Library would be most interested in hearing of such a PA recording as well as any, more complete, video recordings. Dubbed 07/15/98. 1 x 60 and 1 x 90 min. The video source is also available on 120 minute VHS.

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