One Irish Rover

Hill Of The Muses

Athens, Greece 06/27/89

The Songs

Crazy Love, Baby Please Don't Go, Wednesday Evening Blues, Help Me, It's All in the Game, You Know What They're Writing About, Did Ye Get Healed?, Vanlose Stairway, I'd Love to Write Another Song, Haunts of Ancient Peace, Whenever God Shines his Light, Will Be There, Foreign Window, One Irish Rover, Raglan Road, Summertime in England, Moondance, Don't Look Back, Celtic Swing
Outtakes from One Irish Rover - Crazy Love, two takes of And It Stoned Me, One Irish Rover

One Irish Rover was broadcast in 1991 on BBC 2 Arena TV special and on A&E cable television program, Stage (from which this was taken). Crazy Love, And It Stoned Me, Foreign Window, and One Irish Rover are with Bob Dylan. The segments with Dylan and outtakes were recorded at the Hill Of The Muses, Greece 06/27/89. Dubbed 11/17/97 and 12/22/97 (Outtakes from VHS). 90 min. Video (without outtakes) also available on 120 minute VHS.

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