Mid-Hudson Arena

Poughkeepsie, NY 10/20/89

The Songs

The Times They Are A-Changin', Absolutely Sweet Marie, Seeing The Real You At Last, What Good Am I?, Dead Man Dead Man, I'll Remember You, Love Minus Zero - No Limit, Mr. Tambourine Man, One Too Many Mornings, Don't Think Twice, Everything Is Broken, When You Gonna Wake Up, Ring Them Bells, Tears Of Rage, Everybody's Movin', Like A Rolling Stone, Most Of The Time, All Along The Watchtower

A very good stereo audience recording. The last second of Mr. Tambourine Man is clipped and the beginning of One Too Many Mornings is obviously taken from a source other than the balance of the tape. There is a slight glitch where the splice occurs. Otherwise, complete and problem free. Dubbed by JB 03/30/97. 100 min.

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