Hill Auditorium

Ann Arbor, MI 11/01/89

The Songs

Don't Think Twice, Masters Of War, Positively 4th Street, John Brown, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Highway 61 Revisited, It's Alright Ma, Visions Of Johanna, Song To Woody, Everything Is Broken, What Good Am I?, Most Of The Time, In The Garden, Man In The Long Black Coat, Like A Rolling Stone, Disease Of Conceit, All Along The Watchtower

An outstanding stereo audience recording of an exceptional performance. Crisp, clean, clear and complete, compromised only by a couple of insignificant dropouts between sets. In short, the best 100 minutes I've spent in some time! Expertly dubbed by IM 04/??/97. Thanks, Ian! 100 min.

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