S.I.R. Studios

New York, NY 10/15/92

The Song

My Back Pages

Taken from a professional VHS recording. The tape consists of three run-throughs of My Back Pages, which are preceded by, interspersed with, and followed by congenial social intercourse between the gathered musicians. When the tape was offered by Brett Y., one of the Library's Patrons, he wrote: "I have a first generation video of the rehearsal at S.I.R. studios in New York a day or two before the 30th Anniversary Concert. It is just the rehearsal of "My Back Pages" with Young, Petty, Harrison, Clapton, McGuinn and of course Dylan. I am at work so I am not sure of the length but it's about 30 minutes. It's like being a fly on the wall!"
On viewing the tape, I E-mailed and asked Brett if he could provide any background on the source tape. He wrote: "When I worked in the music video industry as a prod. coordinator, I had a friend who helped produce the 30th Anniversary concert. This footage was intended for use in a "making of" documentary but was never used. My friend knew what kind of Dylan fan I was and handed me the footage when he saw that it was just gathering dust. I don't know why it was shot on plain old VHS but the quality is good so I didn't ask any more questions."
Nor will I. I'd add just two observations to the above. The running time is just under thirty seven minutes and G. E. Smith is quite clearly the coordinator and director of the event. Thanks very much, Brett! Dubbed 01/26/98. 60 min. Video of the source is available on 120 min. VHS.

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