Singapore Indoor Stadium

Singapore 02/24/94

The Songs

Jokerman, Lay Lady Lay, All Along The Watchtower, You're A Big Girl Now, Tangled Up In Blue, Man In The Long Black Coat, Tomorrow Night, Mr. Tambourine Man, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Series Of Dreams, I And I, Maggie's Farm, What Good Am I?, It Ain't Me Babe

A fair, but rather ragged, stereo audience recording. There's a one second dropout during the introduction to Lay Lady Lay and a three or four second dropout at the end of Maggie's Farm. The right channel fades out, then briefly disappears entirely, during Tangled Up In Blue and again during Man In The Long Black Coat. There's a rough edit between Man In The Long Black Coat and Tomorrow Night. It Ain't Me, Babe is clipped just after the second verse. Dubbed 12/29/97. 100 min.

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