Art Park

Lewiston, NY 08/16/94

The Songs

Jokerman, If Not For You, All Along The Watchtower, I Don't Believe You, Tangled Up In Blue, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Mama You Been On My Mind, Masters Of War, Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll, God Knows, Man In The Long Black Coat, Maggie's Farm, Ballad Of A Thin Man, Girl From The North Country

A fair stereo soundboard recording, compromised by occasional electrical noise throughout and other miscellaneous flaws. Jokerman fades in on the third line of the first verse. Mama, You Been On My Mind is abruptly clipped near the end (Apparently due to sloppy dubbing as the clipping occurs at the very end of the A side.) and suffers from a brief dropout. A previous recording is detectable (It is most evident between sets) on the right channel on the entire A side of the tape. Still a good listen but rather disappointing for a tape described by the trader as "one of the best soundboard tapes I have yet heard." Dubbed By JW 06/??/97. 100 min.

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