Papers From The 1998 International Conference

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 01/17/98

The Tapes

Tape I (Papers # 1 & 6)
Christopher Ricks - Bob Dylan: Not Dark Yet
Stephen Ronan - The Visionary Road: Rimbaud, Kerouac, Dylan
110 min.

Tape II (Papers # 2 & 5)
Tino Markworth - Too Much Educated Rap? Bob Dylan And Academia
Aldon Nielsen - A Long Way From Hibbing: Bob Dylan's Black Masque
90 min

Tape III (Papers # 7 & 8)
Stephen Scobie - Renaldo & Allen: Allen Ginsberg's Role In 'Renaldo & Clara'
Maria Johnson - Performed Literature: The Music Of Bob Dylan
90 min

Tape IV (Papers # 9 & 10)
Lonny Chu - In The Studio: The Recording Styles And Techniques Of Bob Dylan
Paul Williams - Seeing The Real You At Last: Bob Dylan And His Audience
90 min

Incomplete, as provided by Tino Markworth on behalf of the Conference. The third and forth papers presented are not included here. Tapes may be requested individually or as the complete set.

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