Madison Square Garden

New York, NY 11/01/98

The Songs

Gotta Serve Somebody, I Want You, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Make You Feel My Love, Can't Wait, Don't Think Twice It's All Right, Masters Of War, One Too Many Mornings, Tangled Up In Blue, Joey, The Times We've Known, Highway 61 Revisited, Love Sick, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Blowin' In The Wind

The Library has four audience recordings.
The first is a very good stereo recording, compromised only by a bit of microphone bumping (or rubbing) at the outset and a clipped beginning of Joey. Mike, the taper, wrote: "The flip was less than perfect. Slight cut at beginning of Joey." I'd also note that a handful of microphone bumps and a drop in volume level accompany said tape flip. Mike taped from the back corner (right hand side when facing the stage) of the floor with a Sony WMD3. A very nice tape. Thanks, Mike! Dubbed 12/03/98. 90 min. Request 9811011.
The second is a pretty good stereo recording, compromised by a some fluctuation in volume level. The beginning of Gotta Serve Somebody is clipped. The taper, Ammitai X Worob, wrote: "There is some minor fluctuation in volume during some of the shows, as I was just learning how to use my new DAT. The MSG show was my 1st attempt at recording with a DAT." The recording was made from the fifteenth row, left of center with a Sony M-1 and Core-Sound Cardioids microphones. Thanks, Ammitai! Dubbed 01/07/99. 90 min. Request 9811012.
The third is a good, but a tad strident, recording. The beginning of Tangled Up In Blue is clipped. Otherwise, complete and problem free. Recorded by KP. Contributed by Joseph Pastor. Thanks, Joe! Dubbed 01/07/99. 90 min. Request 9811013.
The fourth is taken from an amateur (two camera) video recording.
A bit rough at the outset - a good bit of the beginning of Gotta Serve Somebody is clipped and there are a couple of rough spots as the audio is adjusted. A rough edit falls between Gotta Serve Somebody and I Want You that results in the clipping of the latter. A few rough spots are also to be encountered during I Want You. Thanks for the loan, Joe. Dubbed 03/22/99. 90 min. Request 9811014. Video source also available on 120 min. VHS. Request 9811014V.

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