Millett Assembly Hall

Miami University

Oxford, OH 10/29/99

The Songs

I Am The Man, Thomas; Mr. Tambourine Man; Masters Of War; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue; Tangled Up In Blue; Watching The River Flow; When I Paint My Masterpiece; Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again; Not Dark Yet; Highway 61 Revisited; Love Sick; Like A Rolling Stone; Blowin' In The Wind; Not Fade Away

The Library has two pretty good audience recordings.
The first is compromised by a few dropouts, sundry glitches, occasional fluctuation of volume, and the usual audience chatter. The dropouts (closed on Library Masters) and glitches all fall during the instrumental interlude of Highway 61 Revisited. Ricky wrote: "My friend and I booted the show (first time for either of us) on a Sony Walkman. For the most part, it is an enjoyable listen. Hwy 61 is marred by some problems ... Recorded from the 21st row, center stage. Hope you enjoy it!" Indeed I did, Ricky. Thanks! Dubbed 12/13/99. 100 min. Request 9910291.
The second suffers from the clipping (faded in on Library Masters) of the beginning of Not Dark Yet. Otherwise, clean, complete, and problem free. Thanks, Roy! Dubbed 02/28/00. 90 min. Request 9910292.

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