Milwaukee Arena

Milwaukee, WI 10/30/99

The Songs

I Am The Man, Thomas; The Times They Are A-Changin'; It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding); Mama, You Been On My Mind; Tangled Up In Blue; All Along The Watchtower; Every Grain Of Sand; Silvio; Not Dark Yet; Highway 61 Revisited; Love Sick; Like A Rolling Stone; Blowin' In The Wind; Not Fade Away

The Library has three audience recordings. All are compromised by a couple of very trivial glitches during All Along The Watchtower. Commenting on the glitches, Paul Lyman wrote: "Regarding the glitches in Watchtower on the Milwaukee 10/30 tape: If these are what I think they are then you will find them on all Milwaukee tapes. After the first verse Bob's mic failed with a couple of little bursts of static heard thoughout the auditorium. He skips the 2nd verse as he then had no mic. But the band of course keeps playing. Then one of the crew runs up in the front of the stage and replaces the mic and Bob resumes the song with the third verse. I was there and witnessed it. I also have a master tape and it's on my tape as well. So this would be an accurate recording of what actually happened sonically in the hall, not a problem with the tape at all, if this is what you heard." Paul very kindly lent the Library his Master tape (see 9910302), which confirms his surmise.
The first is an outstanding stereo recording. Clean, complete, crisp, and problem free. Thanks, Robert! Dubbed 11/19/99. 100 min. Request 9910301.
The second is a similarly superb stereo recording, but suffers from a destructive tape flip (during Highway 61 Revisited). I have closed the resulting gap on Library Masters. Otherwise, clean, complete, crisp, and problem free. Thanks for the loan, Paul! Dubbed 12/09/99. 100 min. Request 9910302.
The third is a pretty good recording, but suffers from occasional distortion; quite a bit of obtrusive audience revelry; and some very heavy handed editing. The recording is quite hot (recording levels too high), hence the distortion. Though much of the recording is unaffected, the distortion is particularly severe during interludes between songs and during the electric sets. The entire recording is punctuated by raucous screeches, screams, and squeals. Though neither the distortion nor the juvenile antics of a young man in very close proximity to Spencer, the taper, contribute to a pleasant listen, it's really the editing that ruins this one. I counted no less than six rough edits from Mama, You Been On My Mind, onwards. The purpose of such butchery eludes me. The source CD-Rs also have short gaps (closed on Library Masters) between each track. Dubbed 02/18/00. 100 min. Request 9910303.

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