Check List

Use this check list and avoid delay in the servicing or fulfillment of your request.

Before submitting a request.
1) The Library is open and accepting requests for dubbing services
2) At least 90 days have elapsed since my last request.
3) I have not exceeded my annual allotment of six tapes.
4) I have in my possession a tape of the proper length

Submitting a request.
1) The request is submitted in the proper format.
2) My request is but for a single selection.

Sending tapes.
1) I have labeled the tape(s) properly.
2) The tape(s) is/are the length specified in the Librarian's authorization.
3) The valid (ie. not expired or altered) authorization is included with the tape(s).
4) The return mailer has postage affixed or IRCs are included.
5) The return mailer bears both a destination address and a return address.

Last updated 08/31/00

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