An Open Letter to TUBDFTL Patrons # 2

First, I'd like to thank those that took the time to read the "Open Letter" and pass along their criticisms and suggestions. I'd also like to convey a very special Thank You to those that have offered to help by taking on some of the work load.
Though I have yet clear up the backlog of uncatalogued material, I've finally managed to get the last of the unserviced requests out the door and implementation of the video branch nears completion. Accordingly, the library will resume accepting patron's requests on the first of June. A number of changes in policy should be anticipated, a summary of which follows:

Any tapes sent for dubbing MUST be accompanied by hard copy of the Librarians authorization. Authorizations will bear an expiration date (two weeks after the issuance of the authorization) after which the authorization will be void. Alteration of authorizations will be cause for permanent revocation of Library privileges. Any tapes received without a valid authorization will be returned, undubbed.

Audio tapes are to be sent their cases. Any tapes received without cases will be returned, undubbed.

Declined Requests:
If, on submitting a request when the Library reopens, the response is a terse "Declined" don't panic, just wait a month and submit your request again. It simply means that your record in the Library Database has been flagged for a past failure to follow instructions or otherwise disrupting Library operations. As the Librarian anticipates an onslaught of requests during the first couple of weeks of June, the Librarian intends to service only those patrons that have familiarized themselves with Library procedures and have taken care to abide by them. This should assure a smooth take off and allow the Librarian, Associate Librarians, and other Volunteers the opportunity to work out any glitches in the system. Once all involved are comfortable with the operation, we'll open the doors a bit wider and attempt to rehabilitate some of the less recalcitrant offenders. Should you find yourself so flagged, please don't compound the problem by inquiring as to the nature of any offense. The Librarian has neither the time nor inclination to delve into it.

Keep it short, to the point, and confine it to Library business. Other matters are best handled by telephone. You should expect a response to your E-mail within 24 hours. If you have received none, it means that the Librarian did not receive your E-mail or that the Librarian's response never made it to your ISP. If your E-mail goes unanswered for 48 hours resend it.

If a selection uses but one side of a tape, you are free to make a similar selection to go on the other side. Any other requests for filler will be ignored.

The A side of audio tapes and the spine of video tapes must be distinctly labeled. The label will include the date of the performance, the tape number, and your initials. Using Pavillion de Paris 78 as an example, the first tape would be labeled 07/06/78 Tape I JD; and the second tape would be labeled 07/06/78 Tape II JD. Tapes received that are not so labeled will be returned, undubbed.

New Patrons:
New patrons should provide the following in the text of their first request: Full Name; the mailing address to which tapes will be sent; and E-mail address.

Patron ID:
Library patrons are issued a Patron ID which is to be included with all correspondence.

Requests are limited to a single selection. Requests for a selection that calls for more than one tape will be honoured, but will be deducted from the patrons annual allotment of twelve tapes.

Requests by regular mail:
Any correspondence by regular mail MUST include a self addressed, stamped envelope. As regular mail is processed irregularly, allow at least eight weeks for a reply. Requests for videos will not be entertained by regular mail.

Requests by telephone:
Though discouraged, requests may be tendered by telephone if E-mail facilities are unavailable. The Librarian is available seven days a week from roughly six in the morning until about half past three in the afternoon California time. As processing telephone requests is dependant on the Librarian's access to the Library Database, you might be asked to call back if the system is being backed up or is otherwise unavailable. Requests for videos will not be entertained by telephone.

Revoking Privileges:
Double dipping (submitting simultaneous requests under different names), alteration of authorizations, and exploiting the Library's services for profit (this includes two for one tape trading) will be grounds for revocation of Library privileges.

Tape Length:
Tapes sent for dubbing MUST be of the length specified in the authorization. Tapes received that are other than the length specified in the authorization will be returned, undubbed.

The Librarian invites those so inclined to volunteer their services to the Library. The Librarian is particularly interested in hearing from anyone interested in coordinating volunteered services.

As always, nothing is written in stone so your input is still welcome.
Until the next time, Take Care!

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