They Won What's Never Been Won!!!

The raffle was held, as scheduled, at precisely noon on Wednesday, January 1, 2003. As the Library's Postal Emissary, David Boulais, was yet again unable to attend, and no other candidates were at hand, the winning tickets were drawn by Lynne. I officiated and the drawing was witnessed by Albert, Sadie, and Honey-Bear (our three dogs); Catastroph (formally known as Kittystroph), Scruffy, Tweeter, and Sally (Our three indoor cats); and Stomper (Our African Gray parrot), who babbled incessantly through the proceedings.

The Winner of the First Prize was MB00694
The Winner of the Second Prize was RZ04957
The Winner of the Third Prize was EC00360
The Winner of the Fourth Prize was EZ5858
The Winner of the Fifth Prize was SS03661

All of the Seventy-seven Patrons that participated enjoy our thanks and appreciation. We were touched by your generosity. Accordingly, Lynne has declared all participants winners and has dictated that their annual allotment be waived. Further, all participants with lesser privileges invited to submit requests every other month.

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