How To Insure Rapid Fulfillment Of Your Requests

Most requests are delayed because of failure to follow instructions. Accordingly, be sure to follow the instructions to the letter!

The most common cause of delay results from sending money, rather than a self addressed mailer with postage affixed. As the librarian will not accept money, and can no longer afford to pay for the return postage, the request remains in limbo until postage, or IRCs, arrive.

Always include a printout or copy of the Authorization you received from the librarian. It serves as a work order and accompanies the tape(s) through the dubbing queues and is integral to the system in place to handle packing and posting. Accordingly, tapes received without authorization can not enter the dubbing queue until the Librarian generates a substitute work order. As postal delivery is usually late in the day and the system backups are underway, it is not likely that the Librarian will be able to then generate a work order, even if he is so inclined. Consequently, the offending parcel is tossed into the corner that is reserved for "Parcels To Deal With Later." Generally, that corner is tackled early Sunday mornings, while the rest of the house is deep in sleep and not likely to be disturbed by my rantings.

Take the time to write the library address as the return address on the self addressed mailer. Otherwise, your parcel will sit about until the Librarian gets around locating and applying the stickers imprinted with the Library's address.

Label your tapes properly.

Always send tapes in cases. When tapes enter the dubbing queues they are stacked. Caseless tapes do not stack well. As the Librarian seldom has an empty case at his finger tips, the parcel usually goes into the previously mentioned corner that is reserved for "Parcels To Deal With Later." The problem is usually further compounded by the Librarian's fading memory, as he frequently forgets to retrieve the cases after the tapes have gone through the system. As you might imagine, empty cases are usually in very short supply.

If the request calls for two sixty minute tapes, please don't send a 120 minute tape. Similarly, don't send a 110 minute tape for a selection that calls for a 100 minute tape. Dubbing decks are not connected to speakers, so your Librarian has no clue as where the side of a tape ends. Consequently dubbing services are limited to duplicating tapes as opposed to making custom copies. Parcels that arrive with tapes of inappropriate length invariably make their first stop at the corner that is reserved for "Parcels To Deal With Later." They will eventually proceed to another corner reserved for "Parcels To Deal With When There's Absolutely Nothing Else Better To Do." As the Librarian has raised procrastination to the level of an Art Form, it is unlikely that the parcel will be serviced until the next time the Library closes for biannual renovations. If "Parcels To Deal With When There's Absolutely Nothing Else Better To Do" corner is full your tape(s) will most likely be returned undubbed.

If you have any questions, or don't understand the procedure, call and ask! Please check the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) first.

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