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A tape for a tape. The Library pays postage one way, you pay the other. The Library uses neither high speed dubbing nor Dolby and expects the same. Depending on availability, the Library uses Maxell XL II tapes and, occasionally, TDK SA or TDK MA tapes and would prefer, but does not require, the same in return. The Library does, however, expect Type II or Type IV tapes.


Recording levels should be peaks at +3bd for Type II tapes and +5db for Type IV. There should be at least a 10 second overlap between tape sides. In fact, I would prefer the end of the first side include all of any audience response and a good 5 seconds of the next set. The beginning of the second side should include the last 5 seconds of the previous set.


Noncommercial Bob Dylan.

Ideally, performances should be complete, in original set order, and problem free. If such is not the case please so state when proposing a swap. Until further notice (essentially until the current backlog of uncatalogued and unlisted material is cleared. See: Uncatalogued New Arrivals for current status of the backlog.) the Library is limiting acquisitions to recordings taken directly and completely unedited from the original recording.

The Library Does Not Want

The Library does not want compilations of any sort.

Proposing A Swap

Be brief. Do not include your entire list. List only items you think might be of interest to the Library and state why.

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