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First and foremost, keep in mind that none of the videos offered have been subjected to the same scrutiny or review as have the Library's audio offerings. Though much work remains to be done, Library Video Dubbing Services are offered on an "as is" basis until available resources permit a more refined approach. For the time being, think of Library Video Dubbing Services as being a work in progress (in beta, perhaps). From the Librarian's point of view, videos are treated the much the same as audio selections. The following is intended expose the limitations of the current system and clarify the issues involved.


Generally speaking, all videos listed are available to all Patrons in good standing; with Internet access; and the wherewithal to generate hard copy of the issued Authorization.


Though requests for filler on video requests will not be entertained, it is conceivable that additional material may be included on the video received. Should you find additional material on a video tape, treat it as an unanticipated bonus. Do not ask the Librarian to assist in identifying such superfluous material or to provide set lists. Those that so do will likely find subsequent requests for Video Dubbing Services denied until the work on the Service has been completed.


Currently the Library can only offer VHS dubs in NTSC format. Patrons abroad should be aware that blank tapes received from abroad have consistently been found to be shorter than those from the States. Consequently, they may have to be recorded at the slower LP rather than SP.


Keep in mind that video is acutely susceptible to generational loss. Accordingly, avoid disappointment by assuming that video quality falls somewhere between poor and fair (whatever that means!).


Always send high quality brand name tapes. Quality control on VHS tape (as opposed to Beta) appears to be lacking. Cheaper tapes frequently jam recording equipment. Usually a tape so involved is rendered useless in the process of extraction. You can mitigate the likelihood of sending a defective tape, and having to send a replacement, by fast forwarding and rewinding it prior to sending.

Last updated 12/22/98

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