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From: Clive Barrett <>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 1994 16:23:10 GMT
Subject: The Genuine Bootleg Series

BOB DYLAN - The Genuine Bootleg Series

No Label

Disc One: 73:50 Matrix 941401

  1. Black Cross
    22.12.61 Bonnie Beecher's Apartment
  2. I Was Young When Left Home
    22.12.61 Bonnie Beecher's Apartment
  3. Ballad For A Friend
    Jan 62 Leeds Demos
  4. Hero Blues
    6.12.62 Freewheelin' Session
  5. Whatcha Gonna Do?
    6.12.62 Freewheelin' Session
  6. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
    Dec 62 Witmark Demo
  7. Milk Cow Blues
    24.4.62 Freewheelin' Session
  8. Rocks And Gravel
    13.11.62 Freewheelin' Session
  9. You've Been Hiding Too Long
    12.4.62 NY Town Hall Concert
  10. Farewell
    Dec 63 Witmark Demo
  11. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down
    Jan 64 Witmark Demo
  12. That's Alright Mama/Sally Free And Easy
    9.6.64 Another Side Session
  13. Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
    9.6.64 Another Side Session
  14. You Don't Have To Do That
    13.1.65 BIABH Session
  15. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
    16.6.65 Highway 61 Revisited Session
  16. Desolation Row
    30.7.65 Highway 61 Revisited Session
  17. Freeze Out
    30.11.65/1.12.65 Sunset Sound Studios LA
  18. She's Your Lover Now
    21.1.66 Columbia Studios NY

Disc Two: 74:28 Matrix 941402

  1. Spuriously Seventeen Windows (The Painting By Van Gogh)
    12.3.66 Denver Hotel Room
  2. What Kind Of Friend Is This?
    18/19.5.66 Glasgow Hotel Room
  3. One Too May Mornings
    16.5.66 Sheffield
  4. Sign On The Cross
    Summer 67 Basement Tapes
  5. All American Boy
    Summer 67 Basement Tapes
  6. Nothing Was Delivered
    Summer 67 Basement Tapes
  7. I Threw It All Away
    June 69 Self Portrait Session
  8. Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance
    June 69 Self Portrait Session
  9. Working On A Guru
    1.5.70 New Morning Session
  10. Down In The Flood
    1.1.72 NY Academy Of Music - With The Band
  11. Goodbye Holly
    20.1.73 Pat Garrett Session
  12. Rock Me Mama
    Feb 73 Pat Garrett Session
  13. Nobody Cept You
    2.11.73 Planet Waves Session
  14. Idiot Wind
    17.12.74 BOTT Session
  15. Hurricane
    30.7.75 Desire Session
  16. Stop Now
    2.5.78 Street Legal Session
  17. (You Treat Me Like A) Stepchild
    15.9.78 Augusta, Maine

Disc Three: 76:43 Matrix 941403

  1. Trouble in Mind
    1-11.5.79 Slow Train Coming Session
  2. Yonder Comes Sin
    Oct 80 Rundown Studios, Santa Monica
  3. Caribbean Wind
    Oct 80 Rundown Studios, Santa Monica
  4. Don't Ever Take Yourself Away
    Apr/May 81 Shot Of Love Session
  5. Thief On The Cross
    10.11.81 New Orleans
  6. Sweetheart Like You
    Apr 83 Infidels Session
  7. Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
    Apr/May 83 Infidels Session
  8. Tell Me
    Apr/May 83 Infidels Session
  9. Jokerman
    Apr/May 83 Infidels Session
  10. Blind Willie McTell
    Apr/May 83 Infidels Session
  11. New Danville Girl
    Dec 84 Empire Burlesque Session
  12. Important Words
    Apr/May 87 Down In The Groove Session
  13. Dignity
    Mar/Apr 89 Oh Mercy Session
  14. Like A Ship
    Apr 90 Wilbury 3 Session
  15. Series Of Dreams
    Mar/Apr 89 Oh Mercy Session
The CDs are packaged in a glossy folding cardboard sleeve (12 x 12 cm) with photographs from the first half of Bob's career. Included is a booklet that gives details of the tracks and includes further photographs. Also reprinted is a piece written by Clinton Heylin for Goldmine about the CBS Bootleg Series 1-3.

Many of the tracks included in this collection are already circulating with the exception of six tracks which Olof wrote about some weeks ago. The package is very well produced and presented. It is much less convenient to handle than Great Dane's 'You Don't Know Me', but contains a much more representative sample of Dylan's career. Opinions will vary as to whether this is the 'definitive' collection - time will tell but I think that it will prove less distressing to Cambridge librarians.


Clive Barrett

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