The List (through 1969)

Last Updated 06/21/02
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??/??/58 The John Bucklen Home Tape
05/??/60 The Karen Moynihan (ne Wallace) Tapes
09/??/60 Minnesota Party Tape
02/??/61 East Orange Tape
05/??/61 Minnesota Party Tape
05/06/61 Indian Neck Folk Festival, Montowesi Hotel, Branford, CT
07/29/61 WRVR-FM Radio's Saturday Of Folk Music, Riverside Church, New York, NY
09/06/61 First Gaslight Tape, Gaslight Cafe, New York, NY
09/29/61 Gerde's Folk City, New York, NY
10/29/61 Oscar Brand's Folk Festival WBAI FM New York, NY
11/04/61 Carnegie Chapter Hall, New York, NY
11/23/61 & 12/04/61 First MacKenzie Tape
11/??/61 Billy James Interview
12/22/61 Minnesota Hotel Tape
01/??/62 Leeds Music Demos, Leeds Music Offices, New York, NY
02/??/62 Cynthia Gooding Tape, Cynthia Gooding's apartment, New York
03/11/62 Cynthia Gooding's Folksinger's Choice, WBAI-FM Radio, New York, NY
04/24/62 - 11/14/62 Freewheelin Sessions
05/??/62 Broadside Show WBAI FM Radio, New York, NY
05/??/62 Gerde's Folk City, New York, NY
07/02/62 The Finjan Club, Montreal, PQ, Canada
09/22/62 Carnegie Hall Hootenanny, Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
10/??/62 Billy Faier Show WBAI-FM-Radio, New York, NY
10/??/62 Second and Third Gaslight Tapes - Gaslight Cafe, New York, NY ??
11/??/62 - 01/24/63 Broadside Demos, Broadside Studio, New York, NY
11/??/62 - 06/??/64 The Witmark Demos, Witmark Studio, New York, NY.
12/??/62 Unknown Club, New York, NY ??
12/06/62 Freewheelin Sessions, Columbia Studio A, New York, NY
12/30/62 Madhouse on Castle Street, BBC Studios, London, England
01/14/63 Basement Of Dobell's Jazz Record Shop, London, England
02/08/63 The Banjo Tape, Basement of Gerde's Folk City, New York, NY
02/??/63 Skip Weshner Show, WBAI-FM Radio, New York, NY
03/??/63 Bob Fass Show WBAI-FM New York, NY
04/??/63 The World Of Folk Music, Starring Oscar Brand, WNBC-Radio Studios, New York, NY
04/12/63 Second MacKenzie Tape
04/12/63 Town Hall, New York, NY
04/12/63 & 10/26/63 Bob Dylan in Concert Unreleased LP
04/25/63 The Bear, Chicago, IL
05/03/63 The Studs Terkel Wax Museum, WFMT-Radio, Chicago. IL
07/30/63 Songs Of Freedom, WNEW-TV, New York, NY
08/28/63 March on Washington, Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. *
10/26/63 Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
02/01/64 Quest TV, Canadian Broadcast Company Studio, Toronto, ON, Canada *
02/25/64 Steve Allen Show, ABC-TV Studios, Los Angeles, CA *
05/12/64 Tonight TV Show, BBC Studios, London, England *
06/09/64 Emmet Grogan Acetates Columbia Studios, NY
07/24/64 Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
07/26/64 Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
08/08/64 Forest Hills, Tennis Stadium, New York, NY
09/??/64 Philadelphia Town Hall, Philadelphia, PA
10/31/64 Philharmonic Hall, NYC
11/25/64 Civic Auditorium, San Jose, CA
11/27/64 Masonic Hall Memorial Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
12/07/64 Bob Blackmar Interview, University of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
01/13/65 - 01/21/66 The Lonesome Sparrow Sings - Studio outtakes
01/14/65 - 01/21/66 Thin Wild Mercury Music - Studio outtakes
02/17/65 Les Crane Show WABC TV, New York, NY
03/27/65 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA
04/30/65 City Hall, Sheffield, England
05/07/65 Manchester Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
05/09/65 Royal Albert Hall, London, England
06/01/65 BBC Broadcast
07/25/65 Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI
08/28/65 Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, Long Island, NY
09/03/65 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA
10/24/65 Allen Stone Interview, Cobo Hall, Detroit Michigan
October or November 1965 Nat Hentoff Interview for Playboy (unpublished), 10th floor, CBS and Columbia Records Building, New York, NY
11/26/65 Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago, IL
12/03/65 Press Conference, KQED Sudios, San Francisco, CA *
12/04/65 Community Theater, Berkeley, CA
12/16/65 Press Conference, Columbia Records Press Room, Los Angeles, CA
01/26/66 Bob Fass Show WBAI-FM New York, NY
02/05/66 Westchester County Center, White Plains, NY
02/06/66 Syria Mosque, Pittsburg, PA
02/20/66 Martin Bronstein Interview, Montreal, ON, Canada
02/26/66 Island Gardens, Hempstead, NY
03/13/66 03/13/66 Denver Hotel Tape, Unknown Hotel, Denver, CO
04/??/66 - 05/??/66 Eat The Document *
04/13/66 Sydney Stadium, Sydney, NSW, Australia
04/19/66 Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia
04/29/66 Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden
05/01/66 KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
05/05/66 Adelphi Theatre, Dublin
05/10/66 Colston Hall, Bristol, England
05/12/66 Odeon, Birmingham, England
05/14/66 Odeon, Liverpool, England
05/15/66 DeMontfort Hall, Leicester, England
05/16/66 Gaumont Theatre, Sheffield, England
05/17/66 Manchester Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
05/19/66 Glasgow Hotel Tape, Glasgow Scotland
05/20/66 ABC Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland
05/26/66 Royal Albert Hall, London, England
05/27/66 Royal Albert Hall, London, England
06/??/67 - 11/??/67 The Basement Tapes, Big Pink, NY
11/??/68 With George Harrison, Woodstock, NY
02/18/69 Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash Columbia Music Row Studios Nashville, TN *
05/03/69 First SELF PORTRAIT session, Columbia Music Row Studios, Nashville, TN
05/01/69 The Johnny Cash Show, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN *
08/27/69 Isle of Wight Press Conference, Hailand Hotel, Seaview, England
08/31/69 Isle of Wight, Near Ryde, England

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