Second Prize

The Nightingales Code: A Poetic Study Of Bob Dylan
By John Gibbens With Photographs By Keith Baugh
370 pp.
Touched Press, 4 Varley House, County Street, London SE1 6AL
ISBN 0-9539153-1-X
A mint copy, signed and contributed by the author.

Gibbens' exploration, from a poet's point of view, of Dylan's lyric opens doors I never knew where there. Paul Williams wrote: "John Gibbens digs deep (below the basement) and casts new light on a body of work always worthy of fresh exploration and excavation. Even the songwriter himself might be pleased at this evidence that his early work is indeed made new once the emphatic listener has encountered and begun to absorb the Time Out of Mind and World Gone Wrong performances. The Nightingale's Code is refreshing and surprising and well worth examining."

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