Acknowledgements and Credits

Perhaps the greatest risk of saying thank you publicly is the certainty of an embarrassing omission which then demands an equally embarrassing public apology. Accordingly, I'd first like to apologize to those who should have been included here, but weren't.
Given the Library's dearth of printed reference material, Olof Bjorner's Chronicles have proved invaluable in identifying and verifying venues. It is reasonable to say that without Mr. Bjorner's annals, the entire concept of compiling an archive of circulating noncommercial recorded material would have been so daunting, that I doubt that I would have even considered tackling the project. The Library is, indeed, in Mr. Bjorner's debt.
John Howells' web site, Bringing It All Back Home, provided access to Bjorner's Chronicles and his own insightful Circulating Tapes (now Skipping Reels Of Rhyme). John was also one of the very first to visit the Library's embryonic web site and offered the encouragement that assured its continuance.
Ed Ricardo similarly encouraged the concept and provided continuous comment, criticism, and many helpful suggestions throughout the Library's infancy. The Library's Traders Page and the Volunteer Librarian scheme were Ed's ideas.
Bill Pagel's Bob Links has served as a tremendous resource for researching recent and current set lists and has, for some time, been the starting point of the Librarian's meanderings on the Internet.
The Volunteer Librarians, Glenn Lee (Video Librarian), Jason Naas (The Basement Tapes Librarian), and Cliff Timmons (Renaldo & Clara Librarian) collectively account for a hefty percentage of the tapes that find their way into Patron's hands. For their selfless dedication and generosity, I am most grateful.
Pete Baker, Clive Barrett, Bill Huff, Bob Meyer, and Robert Popkoff have taken a keen interest in the Library and have sought out and provided much of the material in the Library archives. Without exception, they have identified conspicuous gaps and magnanimously set out to fill them.
David Boulais, though by no means a Dylan aficionado, has provided the Library with dubbing gear and makes regular trips to the Post Office to mail parcels and redeem IRCs on the Library's behalf. It is David's unstinting dedication that is entirely responsible for the speedy turn around time that international Patrons enjoy.
Ray Haas and Dave Wyatt have both contributed their time and considerable knowledge of the Internet to assure efficient implementation of the Virtual Library.
I would be remiss if I failed to express my appreciation and admiration for the small band of Tapers that risk batteries, tapes, expulsion from concerts, and sometimes more, to assure that the material we so enjoy is preserved for the future.
I would also like to tender a special thank you to the Patrons that have taken the time to digest Library procedures and adopt them. Your consideration lightens the load more than you might expect and has earned the Librarians' appreciation.
Finally, thank you, Mr. Dylan!

The Unofficial Bob Dylan Free Tape Library